Individual Lamp Control and Monitoring System


GRP has an experience longer than 10 years as system integrator of Individual Lamp Control and Monitoring Systems. Along the years GRP has installed, adapted and modified hardware equipment to satisfy customer requirements closely with hardware vendors.

At the same time, GRP developed a powerful software control platform for its own systems allowing an easy integration into third party systems: running Control and Monitoring Systems (CMS) in Airports.

Nevertheless, GRP had always to face limitations of available hardware: poor data throughput from field devices, crosstalk between different circuits and/or shielded cable needed. Consequently, GRP decided to design its own hardware to overcome those limitations.

GRP is proud of introducing its state-of- the-art hardware for control and monitoring lights through the series circuit.

Key technological features are:

Unshielded cable compatible
No minimum value of isolation required in the series circuit
No regenerators required
Several frequency channels available
Several channels run simultaneously in every Lamp Unit (field device)

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