ILCMS-GRP is the lastest generation of power carrier communication systems.


Decades of experiences dealing with AGL systems, including single lamp control and monitoring systems, has led GRP to develop its own cutting edge solution based on the following conclusion:


  • The system must be reliable and efficient whatever the field conditions.
  • Impact on existing AGL infrastructure must be minimum.
  • The system must be easy to install and user friendly.


ILCMS-GRP does just that


With a more than 20 years strong experience in AGL systems, GRP has developed tailor sized solutions for airport AGL control and monitoring systems.


From a simple PLC based design suited for small runways to an extended double server based solutions with full redundancy suited for major airport with demanding operation conditions, GRP will adapt its design in order to match your specific requirement and provide your ATC with friendly interface to control your Airfield Ground Lighting installation.