GRP has attended Interairport Munich 2019 in the month of October.

GRP Airsys

GRP has attended Interairport Munich 2019 in the month of October.

GRP has attended Interairport Munich 2017 in the month of October. This is without any doubt the most important event in the industry that is held every two years.

GRP showed its concept of the “Smart Airport” where thanks to its State of the Art Power line communication technology, the Primary Cable is a true Backbone.

GRP presented the LUMB. This is a Sensor Management Module that communicates over the Primary Cable.

Its new LUMB, working as the lamp units (LU/LUD) on the primary cable, has the ability of powering sensors (5-24Vdc), manage RS485 connected devices, 4 digital outputs, 4 digital inputs and one analogue input 4-20 mA.

The Stand offered a live demo of the capabilities of this powerful technology.

Special attention was made on the application to detect loose bolts and thus prevent FODs. This was without any doubt a highlight of the whole event.

Other applications were displayed as an anemometer that could transmit wind speed value through the primary cable: A true Backbone.

Safety applications as alarming notice when opening a pit believed to have no power, interlocking with GRP Automatic Cut Out, to bring safety to the field.

The new Constant Current Regulator with IGBT technology was also displayed offering two options of three phase or two phase input power.

We could share with customers recent success stories as the one in Vancouver Airport, where GRP has been awarded with a second project to replace the existing system that is not, according to the customer, behaving as per their expectations.

It was a successful event with lots of positive feedbacks that confirm the right approach of GRP technology development of Power line communication.

This event is a boost to our efforts and reassures that we are on the right track to provide a full portfolio of solutions around Power Line Communication that do not exist today in the Industry.

Thank you to all our customers and friends for supporting us in this event.