GRP airports


Exeter International Airport, located 6km from the city of the same name and 270km from London, is one of the United Kingdom’s many airports that connect the island to British tourist destinations like Malta, Málaga, the Canary Islands and Paris.


We have participated in the works for the refurbishment of the runway. This refurbishment includes new LED lights for the runway edge, threshold, centreline and runway end, in addition to stop bars and taxiway centreline lights.


GRP has replaced the existing CMS, supplying a complete new one that incorporates ILMS-GRP for the Individual Lamp Control and Monitoring of the Stop Bar lights as well as their lead-on/off lights and all the taxiways. In total around 300 Lamp Units (LUs).


The successful delivery and operation of this system confirms the reliability of the ILCMS technology for AGL installations developed by GRP with unshielded cable being independent of the level of insulation.


The system delivered has been approved by CAA (Civil Aviation Authority of the UK).

Paris Charles de Gaulle

Paris Charles de Gaulle International Airport, located 25km to the north-east of Paris, is France’s main airport, the eighth busiest in the world and the second busiest in Europe with 4 runways.


We worked on the Rapid Exit Taxiway Indicator Lights (RETIL), the purpose of which is to provide pilots with information on the distance to the closest rapid exit taxiway in conditions of low visibility. This system is made up of 6 lights on the landing strip that indicate the proximity and location of the closest rapid exit taxiway and activates if one of the lights fails, as the rest must then turn off.


ILMS-GRP system has been installed on RETILs corresponding to Rapid Exists Y2, Y3, Y4 and Y5 on Runway 09R-27L, all in the same circuit. The system is integrated in the CMS of CDG Airport, enabling all the functionalities required by ICAO with respect to RETIL systems.


Vancouver International Airport is located 12km from the centre of Vancouver. With more than 24 million passengers each year, it is one of Canada’s main airports.


When we first contacted the client, their existing powerline communication based system was not performing as per airport’s expectations. Actually, it was taking 11 seconds to control on/off the Stop Bar A, according to the customer.
The customer challenged us to replace that system by our ILMS-GRP on three Stop Bars (A, L and L4), without changing any other existing component as cable, lights or transformer.
We replaced their existing communications equipment (field modules and regulator units) giving them a response time of around one second.


We thus resolved a problem in Vancouver airport to allow a safe, reliable and response time wise acceptable Stop Bar operation, with true feedback indication and monitoring according to ICAO.
As a result of this success, we have been awarded on September 2019 with a project to replace the current system with our ILMS-GRP on Taxiway D.